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FB - Fighting Beat (2007)

FB - Fighting Beat (2007)

I watched this movie for Tim-Man, and I got Tim-Man, and not just one fight (I thought it was over after his first fight) but a couple, and the last one was pretty intense! He's just a side-character though, and though it seems to me like he's way more agile and experienced than even the main character is, there's plenty of good fighting! There's also a lot of arguing, a lot of talking and a lot of telling a tale about relations and friendship and a bar that some evil dudes want to take over and transform. That's what the final fight is all about. Oh, it's also about the main character avenging the death of his father. Kind of stereotypical plot, and no amazing actors either, and none of them are good at English either (though they do speak it, attempting to internationalize the movie... I guess). If you want to watch a few good fights, then give this one a shot, but the rest of the movie is nothing special. Not even the fights are overly dramatic, and I can't help but feel as if the soundtrack is more suited for a scary movie than for this (it's a-la Scream sound). Anyway, I'd give it a 3, but... nah. Time to switch to a 1-10 rating system maybe so I don't have to give such low scores when it's not that bad? Maybe later...

 rated 2/5: decent


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