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Fearless (1993)

Fearless (1993)

Watching this movie was a big mistake. Not because it's a bad movie, but because I was actually planning on watching the 2006 movie with the same title featuring Jet Li. And then this turned up in my hands instead.

It starts with drama. A plane has crashed, a man is walking around carrying a baby in his arms, looking for the mother. He finds her, leaves the baby with her, and then leaves. He travels by car across the state, stays at a hotel, visits an old acquaintance, and gets picked up again. Up until this point he looks strong, like a survivor taking every opportunity he gets to appreciate life, but along the way something changes and we are introduced to a darker side of his psyche. The actions that earlier hinted at a strong personality now hint at something deranged.

He meets another survivor of the crash and forms a bond with her, while he keeps moving further from the family. It's a masterfully enacted film, a venture into the human mind and into what I can imagine it really can be like to experience a crash and survive. There's doubt gnawing in his mind. There's apathy. There are strange feelings swirling around him which makes his actions seem random and uncalled for. This isn't the type of movie I usually watch, but even though watching it was a big mistake, I'm glad I did.

And did I mention the crash scene is probably the most elaborate and realistic one I've ever seen? When I saw Flight (2012), I was amazed, but it turns out the same thing had actually been done earlier. Great movie!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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