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Fidget Spinning!

So I finally jumped on the trend and got one of these (before summer, I'm just late posting)!

Fidget Spinners!

Cheapest brand available at the time.

Fidget Spinners!

Of course, cheap doesn't really mean most functional...

Fidget Spinners!

...or best quality. Btw I got more than one of these.

Fidget Spinners!

Those are actually supposed to sit on. Glued, like.

Fidget Spinners!

At least this one came clean! This is the silent kind. Special edition.

Fidget Spinners!

And what's more to say? They're pleasantly addictive! Have a spin.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Sep/29/2017

    fidget spinners?? i'm more interested in your polka-dotted bedsheets...

  2. Cyber
    Friday Sep/29/2017

    Well let me tell you about those polka dotted bedsheets (though are they polka dots if in irregular patterns?)! They have a truly rich and honorable historical heritage, those bedsheets. In a time before my time, I think, they were bought, I think, and through the years they have been used... an unknown number of times, together with many other randomly-patterned, and unpatterned bedsheets, in our beds. They're worn and thinned, but comfortable and cozy. A soft, fantastically fuzzy natural cotton fabric, and though the design isn't one I'd choose myself if I chose the design, I think, it's one I've become overly fond with thanks to the correlation between many a peaceful sleeping (and other) experience beneath said sheets. Hopefully they'll last in centuries more, and become all the more thinner and softer and cozier, and may the inevitable tears that appear with age be fixed with the finest thread, so as to not disrupt this intricate softness and sensation! They truly are a one of a kind and kind of kind bedsheets. I think that's pretty much all there is to say about them...

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