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Fifteen Fifty (4:34)

Flying, suddenly, I'm a bird.

Fifteen Thirty, it feels like I'm lifting lifting ... it feels like I'm drifting drifting ... It feels so swift so risky.

Fifteen Thirty one, even though I just begun, seems I got the hang of this some, and it seems like it's all gonna be super fun.

Fifteen Thirty two, seems like a long way I flew, seems like I'm flying still, seems like forever I will. Yeah.

Fifteen Thirty three, I'm still flying away I fly high up over skyscrapers they seem like just a little part of earth and I'm startled, hurt, try to flee.

Fifteen Thirty four, seems like I'll fly just a little bit more. I'm far out over the sea now, sloping green dreamy hills and open white shores. The breeze is warm and I glide towards a distant storm a silence is born and I like it a bit so swiftly I lift the sound is far away like only I exist.

Fifteen Thirty five, I'm flying high I'm not sure if I'm alive. I'm not sure if I'm really living everything is so vivid, but if I had a life this is how I'd like to live it. I'm sure, no more war no war plague, just a constant flight ever day. Over clouds and below clouds too, the world is high, the world is new, over white clouds, gray clouds, blue, skies everywhere I go, both over and below.

Fifteen Thirty six, the sky is endless and each mile is quick there are no lines no limits no binds nothing to keep me out of this. Grand big earth that I never really knew much about, never really knew I could sweep in through the clouds, never really knew that I could see the world clearly with the sun so near me.

Never really knew, never really knew, never really knew but now I do. Never really knew, never really knew, never really knew but now I do.

It's so great I could lose myself in it, I don't want to depart want to start never finish. Drifting and lifting so swiftly with care I can fly over all I can be anywhere. I can see everything and it seems to me bring. A peace, I never knew existed ... I never knew existed...

If there is a place on ground let me lift it so we can fly around and see all that we've been missing. Sky is air only, clouds are like cotton, it's Fifteen Thirty eight, the time I've forgotten. The sky it holds me, but what if it told me, that it would only last twelve minutes more? What would I do, how would I react when I realized that this life would be no more. Would I go down for a landing and live life on the steady soil, nothing more demanding? No I think I would fly and then dive from the sky when my twelve minutes reap me but I wouldn't cry. I would be content with the time I spent and I would need no more, even though I could spend my whole life again just flying over this shore.


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