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Fire City: End Of Days (2015)

Fire City: End Of Days (2015)

That girl looks a bit like the blue girl in Guardians Of The Galaxy... and the plot reminds me of Léon. It's like Léon but with Demons. Sort of.

The story is that of Vine - a demon secretly living with others of his kind in the world of humans, sustained by their misery, where one day that misery seems to be fading away... and his kind are growing hungry.

For a budget movie I was really impressed with the props here, and the effects. For pretty much everything but that one ending flap it stood on par with the best of them, and though the scenery was mostly limited to the one apartment block - and the cast to the same limited set of human/​demon characters, they managed to keep the setting brooding and bleak all the way through.

I wasn't expecting to see a full-on strip scene in the middle of it either, considering other bits were so veiled, but the sinful demonic nature comes across well there. That was one steamy scene too, short as it was. The director could have a career in softcore hmm... stuff... if he doesn't make it with movies.

I really liked this. So different. So demonic. The story slows down sometimes, and could use a bit more variation regarding the rooms, and scenes, but otherwise it delivers wholly. In a way the limited setting makes it feel like they're in a world of their own, yet the human cityscapes do rise outside.

This was a pleasant surprise. Good movie. Kicking it up to four because it was just so new, and thorough, even if budget limitations do go noticed.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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