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First Advent Add Vent

The Star Now Shines...

Time to light stuff up and chase the graycloud way outta here...

Gotta plug some stuff before I forget. First off this guy is currently doing commissions for free over at NG, and they're really not bad! Leave a comment here if you want a doodle for free now (and who doesn't?).

I promised I'd plug Lost In Hell again, a pretty gnarly 2D horror game (also free) that I've posted about earlier. Go check it out! It's the perfect season - not to mention the perfect seasonal pandemic - for something like this...

Last but not least I recently beta-tested and contributed a few witty one-liners to this grand Hotline Miami/Pacman homage, courtesy of neon game developer extraordinaire MoeAnguish. Go support him too if you can.

Want to join the Flash revolution? Get this logo and add it to your work. And Ruffle for your site. The Internet Archive recently started using it for the Wayback Machine, which is pretty huge, and hopefully it'll be running on CDB soon. Maybe I can expand upon my now somewhat outdated personal Flash archives while I'm at it...

I'll add vent later. No time. Hope you had a good Advent. Go shine.


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  1. S3C
    Monday Nov/30/2020

    nice view...and that's one clean birds fly into it often. had me fooled for being a giant Christmas erection for a second, but then I realized how obnoxious it would be to plant a star decoration larger than a house in their own front yard...would make a decent defense though

    that LuckyLightTitan is something huh?

  2. Cyber
    Monday Nov/30/2020

    I believe the glum daylight may be helpful in concealing possible dust coverage. :) Not in a while now... we add small red dots to the kitchen window to keep them away from that one though. That's where the birdfeeder is. Photoshop opportunities hmm!

    The one and only Vixuzar too yeah, sure is! :D Fortunately seems like those notorious name changes and account purges may be a thing of the past, though can't let my guard down completely, still keeping stuff backed up for the off chance this new persona too does crumble...

  3. Cyber
    Monday Nov/30/2020

    Great star shield potential all good till it topples over and crushes a house btw.

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