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First Man (2018)

First Man (2018)

The movie about the first man on the moon - Neil Armstrong, is like a strange blend of potential sci-fi and documentary, where you wonder all the way through if this was really how it all went down. Some elements feel real, and some don't, and being equally dubious as to the authenticity of the actual event lends it a whole new layer of... intrigue.

Patriotic American space movie too? Yepp. But it's one with class. It had moments. It had good music. It had enough length to really make the most of it, too, and it all builds up to that final landing so slowly you stop waiting for it, but more so enjoying the ride.

Well maybe not enjoying, because there are a bundle of not quite so euphoric hurdles along the way, but feeling. You join in on each and every individual success they accomplish, and each failure, until their final quest.

Ryan Gosling played Neil, and he couldn't have done a better job with it. Not to forget the wife Janet, played by Claire Foy. I'm pleasantly surprised with how much their silent moments speak to me, intimate and distant all the same.

In the end, it basically comes across as a movie about a man who became obsessed with the moon, and how he reached it only to realize there was nothing there... and that he'd had everything he needed in his home all this time.

At least that's how it comes across to me. That, and a little bit of the battle as seen through the eyes of his wife. She's the grounded one, while he's way up in the clouds. Head in the stars. All the sayings gone literal, even if he also comes across as smart, and a loyal fatalist like few.

It's not a depressing movie, despite the hurdles, but more of an insightful one. Of course. That's how it had to be.

I don't agree with all of the angles, or sound effects, and in some scenes the shaky cam's a bit much, but it really was a rough voyage, and they convey that well. It makes me think about the moon landing in a whole new way, even though I'm keeping an eye out for a Coca Cola can on the surface as they pan away, wondering if maybe they could've been a secret sponsor back in the day, or if this really is one more little glimpse into a humane story, from one giant cover up for mankind...

I'd like to think not, though. It's a mighty journey the way they depict it here. The space age: it was a little before my time, but I feel it takes me back all the same. And really brings me into the perils of their race.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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