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First Sunday Of The New Year

And so the first week's flashed by! Almost a full one since the fireworks touched the sky and left the world in a smoky daze.

The day after it I woke up with a headache, we had guests over that afternoon, and though the sun was shining outside we barely had time for a walk, or any of the traditional reflections and contemplations on this first new day. It was a good visit, but it also felt like I missed something special. Like it was a rare moment to find a new inner peace and meaning that I'll now have to wait another year to experience.

Of course each day's a new phase too. Got to learn to treat 'em as such.

After that it was back to work again, and this weekend we've had guests over again on both days. I've been battling the starting signs of a cold that seems to come and go, but never really breaks through. Hope I'll manage to chase it away once and for all tonight, because next week (after a few work days) we're heading off to Tallinn, to explore the city and seep in the winter sights for just a couple of days.

I'm heading of to Östersund at the end of the month too, to Budapest at the start of February, to Turku a week later, to Malaga in March, and to Tallinn for a longer set of days again later that month. Just need to book in one more trip and I'll have achieved an amount of flights (18 in a year) that'll give me free baggage carrying rights on all superseding ones for another full year. Which will come in handy during summer, with all the veggies and berries I hope to pack and carry down from the North. An empty suitcase up and a full one back again, at least a couple times over. I've been going with hand luggage only the last couple of years, and though that's worked alright this'll definitely be better. Looking forward to that.

Not that I'm only taking these trips for the free luggage that follows! I'm looking forward to the trips too.

I've been booking one at a time for a while now, whenever tickets have been on sale (it's almost become a bit of an obsession), but the one I'm looking forward to the most is actually the one I've booked up North at the end of May. It'll be the first glimpse of real summer as I perceive it, no matter what weather there'll be in the countries I visit before it.

Makes you wonder why you're traveling out of the country when the places you enjoy are so much closer... and I think a big part of it is just to get out of your comfort zone, and of course: to see the world. Meet people. Go places. Broaden your perspectives. Then get back and appreciate what you have, and be proud you accomplished whatever you set out to.

Was pondering Marrakech or Krakow for that one last trip before summer, but it probably won't be either of those. We shall see. For now I'm pretty excited about the quick leap this coming week. Gotta deep sleep peeps.

Oh, you know the thing? The one I'm fixing? Well I finished it! Just in time for Christmas, and this time it went through. More news on that later y'all. Good times.

It's been a pretty good start of the new year, tiredness or no, snow's coated the road, I just put up six reviews and I still have double to post... been seeing quite a few this Christmas. And then I wrote some prose.

See you folks.


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  1. S3C
    Monday Jan/7/2019

    wow!! that's a lot of trips!!

  2. Cyber
    Monday Jan/7/2019

    It is indeed! :) Short ones, though.

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