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First They Ignore You, Then...

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

It's been a while now.


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  1. S3C
    Tuesday Oct/1/2019

    First They ZeroBomb You. Then They Leave Scathing Reviews. Then They Blam You. Then You Leave NewGrounds.

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Oct/1/2019

    Then you go to Flipsided. Then you start making a name for yourself. Then the site goes down. Then you go to Flash-Graphique. Then they start having trouble with their server costs. Then they go down. Then you go to Zellomesh. Then they delete your audio cause you submitted a few hundred pieces in one day to catch up there, even though they had no written limitation, and then the servers start getting slow, and then they sell out, and then they disappear, and Retrogade isn't around no longer, LavaGrounds and MustyWindows and RadioGrounds are gone too, so you go back to NewGrounds again. And you win.

  3. S3C
    Monday Oct/7/2019

    talk about a blast from the past

  4. Cyber
    Monday Oct/7/2019

    ...all the way to the future!!! Full blast.

  5. S3C
    Tuesday Oct/8/2019

    *eats sorbitol boosted Vademecum*

    talk about a blast from my @ss...

  6. Cyber
    Tuesday Oct/8/2019


    Careful with that stuff. It's potent.

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