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Fishing Tripping (1:19)

There was a fish
That I fished out of the sea
I just grabbed it
But it wouldn't let go of me

I thought I'd stab it
And put it out of its misery
But just as I pulled out my knife
The fish said "don't you fight!

Cause I'm Zeus, the god of gods
And you don't want to mess with me naw
I might look like a cod but this is really me
The heavens threw me down, down into the sea

I'll be back there in a week,
Right now I'm frail and weak
But when I return to where I belong,
I'll become big and I'll become strong

Yeah right, look at me
I said and hit him with my knee
I was about to put him to sleep
When a thunder crackled down from the sky

It hit my boat, it hit me as if he hit a remote
So suddenly, the skies were blue, now I was in puddle dude
And these fish came, came from nowhere and just swallowed me
The dinner dish main, it felt ugly as a lobotomy

Then I woke up in a pile of cotton fleece, warm as a lobster feverish with disease
And that is the why and when, I said to myself to never eat fish again


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