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Flight (2012)

Flight (2012)

Oh man, why does Denzel keep getting roles in all the movies like this? All the great movies like this, cause this was just... beautiful.

It's the story about a flight, a plane that locks up mid air and a pilot that saves everybody. Well, almost, out of the 102 passengers there are 6 fatalities. Still, it's a feat that no other pilot would have been ever to repeat. He knows, it, and though nobody else knows it, they run tests and they come to the same conclusions. Him saving everyone on board was a miracle. There's just one problem, at the time he was drunk. The night before he was drunk, and the day before that he was drunk, and he was also high on cocaine. He meets a heroine addict at the hospital after the crash. He tries to reunite with his wife. His kid doesn't even recognize him. When it seems like all is failing, he goes sober for 9 days.

I won't spoil the ending for you, so if you feel like reading his final speech (not the last thing he says in the movie, but an inspiring speech it is) do so at your own risk. These are his words, as he sits in a prison chair speaking to a group of inmates (AA meeting maybe?): That was it. I was finished. l was done. lt was as if l had reached my lifelong limit of lies. l could not tell one more lie. And maybe l'm a sucker, 'cause if l had told just one more lie, l could have walked away from all that mess and kept my wings, kept my false sense of pride. And more importantly, l could have avoided being locked up in here with all you nice folks for the last 1 3 months. But l'm here. And l'll be here for at last the next four or five years. And that's fair. l betrayed the public trust. l did. That's how the judge explained it to me. l had betrayed the public trust. The FAA, they took away my pilot's license. And that's fair. My chances of ever flying again are slim to none. And l accept that. l've had a lot of time to think about it, all of it. l've been doing some writing. l wrote letters to each of the families that had lost loved ones. Some of them were able to hear my apology. Some of them never will. l also apologized to all the people that tried to help me along the way, but l couldn't or wouldn't listen. People like my wife, you know. My ex-wife and my son. And again, like l said, you know, some of them will never forgive me. Some of them will. But at least l'm sober. l thank God for that. l'm grateful for that. And this is going to sound real stupid coming from a man who's locked up in prison, but for the first time in my life, l'm free. And then his son pays him a visit. Damn! He just summed up the whole situation in that speech, and inspiring speech it was. I wonder how much of it was Denzel and how much was the script? Cause somehow, it feels like when he's in the movie, the words are always coming from him. I guess it's just the way he speaks them.

Overall this was a great movie. It didn't even have one fight (that's a rare watch for someone like me), but it was still a great movie. Well-filmed, clever and inspiring. If I rated these on scales 1-10 it would get a 9, but I don't, so it's a..

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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