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Forever Hardcore - The ECW Documentary (2005)

Forever Hardcore - The ECW Documentary (2005)

Here's a somewhat older documentary than that other one I just wrote about. It feels like this one was a bit more down-to-Earth too - a glimpse into the ECW universe without the overload of gore, or glorification, that the other one had. The said, it also wasn't quite as interesting.

One thing we get here, that we don't get in the second, is Sabu. He has plenty of screentime, and his most interesting tale is probably the one about how he cut up his bicep, a centimeter deep - all the way from the elbow to the shoulder, taped it up mid-match, and just kept going. Or how about when that one guy accidentally blew up a can of flash paper in the locker room and had to get rushed to the hospital? There are some gory tales here as well, but it's not so much about gore as it is about wrestling, and how ECW grew and evolved, and a selection of famous faces all get screentime to tell their stories.

Overall, it was a good documentary, with a satisfying balance of facts and entertainment; a good selection of talkers, both the workers, and the wrestlers I recall.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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