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Four Assassins (2013)

Four Assassins (2013)

Oh man this movie was sad. Another sad movie. I get that 'why did I watch this' feeling... but at the same time it was a good watch. The scenario is simple. Four assassins meet up. Three of them know each other. One is a stranger, hired by one of the others. One of the ones who know each other has done something inexcusable. They try to find out what he's done. We try to figure out what they're trying to find out, and preferably before they find out, and all the while small clues and fragments of personality leak. There's tension in the air. There are flashbacks. And then there's a showdown.

Though it all takes place in a single room it was a captivating movie, that much to its merit! I'm always pleasantly surprised when I watched a good movie with such a limited set. It's like that's the ultimate test to see if a director, or the set of actors on set, truly have what it takes to deliver a compelling performance without relying on visual variation. And they pulled it off well. I think it's the first movie I see with Will Yun Lee in a lead role, and he does a great job. As do the others, all four of them. Miguel Ferrer and Mercedes Renard and Oliver Williams too. Good movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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