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Foxtrot Six (2019)

Foxtrot Six (2019)

Indonesia. Poverty. Finances. Food. Youngest president yet. So much real footage it had me thinking maybe this was a documentary... but then we move on, and it clearly isn't. Had me thinking of 137 Shots (2021) for a moment too...

It's a good movie, though there's a lot of American jargon that doesn't really sound legit. There's a lot of 'asses'. They make asses out of themselves with that. They didn't half-ass anything really but I wish they'd just kept it Indonesian. For authenticity.

In all other regards it's such an awesome movie.

The action choreography's brutal but not perfect - feels like they fine-tuned it more with movies like for example The Night Comes For Us.

Indonesian dialog would've definitely made this a four. Close to five maybe. The script's basic, but the story's great. The emotional scenes have emotion, the battles are glorious, the special effects hmm... they're not the best either though. I wish they'd slimmed their vision down a bit but kept the grit too. Would've been top tier then.

Also why this name, Foxtrot Six? Seems unnecessarily Americanized too - not an innate Indonesian reference at all. It seems a step away from the main motive with the movie. Revolution and all. Piranhas. They are a team of six but that doesn't come across as the central part.

Feels a bit like a new Magnificent Seven inspired movie but one less, and a continent apart. One better?

There's that extra survivor at the end... lost track of the team it seems. I thought they all died along the way.

Great movie, though unfortunately feels like they bit off a bit more than they could chew; tried to internationalize in a way that removed some of the charm and authenticity it would've had did they just try to make a
good movie.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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