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Free Fall (2014)

Free Fall (2014)

For a movie that takes place primarily inside an elevator, and secondarily inside a modern office building, barely ever outside, and doesn't feature and known names for actors, this was surprisingly good!

It starts an apartment. The main character's playfully practicing martial arts with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, her supervisor and brother-like mentor supposedly commits suicide, jumping off the office roof. She comes to work the next day to discover this, but as the boss mentions - as he briefly stops by with his helicopter to offer a few words of encouragement: the work must go on! And it does, until Jane (that's the main character) finds a USB key glued under the desk of the deceased. She tells her new supervisor, he tells a somewhat shady man, and that's when things start to get ugly.

It quickly turns into a cat and mouse chase between Jane and this shady man who goes by the name Frank. It starts a chase, but soon it's mostly just the cat waiting for the mouse trapped in the elevator to do something. Or maybe starve to death. The cat can't get into the elevator, and the mouse can't get out, but as the hitman ironically suggests, she's more like a 'cat in a box'. Schrödinger's cat - the paradox. Not dead, but not alive either. For more info, here's the Wikipedia page.

In a brief moment of elevator wisdom, the work ethics of this world are questions, and we are told that too many people don't know when to stop chasing power. A family, a steady job... isn't that enough? It seems like an almost too noticeable tempt at throwing in a message for the viewers, but I couldn't agree more!

The actors aren't always the most convincing, the chase down the staircase is slow, the meeting at the end not as satisfying as I wished it, but it was a good watch. It felt realistic, and the elevator shaft felt deep. It's not as scary as the name might imply, at least not if you lack elevator phobia, but it was a good thriller.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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