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I'm Free! For a week I now have endless time on my hands. The weekend before this week starts is almost over now, and it seems like these 2 short days have lasted for more than I expected, but when I say that I have a weeks vacation it still sounds so short. Now I have 5 days to do everything I havn't had the time to do earlier. So many projects I'm working on at the moment . . . A GTA SA Stunt Video, Adding content to my websites, transferring all my old hand-written scribbles to my computer, catching up with the #1 reviewers at NG and RG, Studies. So much to do, so many movies to watch, games to play, sleep to sleep . . . and sleeping takes up more time than you expect you know. I really can't get any more stressed than I will be now, haha. Anyway, happy days still. I'm off to play some oldskool playstation one now. It's been a long time since I played Croc 2 and I actually cleared a previously unbeatable level on my first try. I must be getting better. I'll be seeing you around!


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