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Woah, I just realized 50 is in the movie, along with Robert De Niro. How does that work? 50 can't actually act... or can he? Not to say I didn't enjoy his latest attempt, that one called, *quick IMDB check* Setup. It was good, but he still can't act for shit. Turns out he's been in a whole lot of movies the past few years! I'm surprised! Shocked, even! And I'm looking forward to more of them! He's made a ton of music videos too, around 20 just this year. Crazy. I spent a couple of hours yesterday watching through 50 Cent videos on YT, on just the one official channel. I'm going through them one by one (just skimming, trying not to miss anything important) and I'm not even further back than 2011 yet! I'm starting to wonder if this check-all-old-videos-of-channels-I-subscribe-to plan is going to work. This is going to take forever...


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