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Freerunner (2011)

Freerunner (2011)

Death Race with parkour and free-running instead of cars? Great idea! It's got that Brazilian girl from The Bag Man, a lot of running, a lot of fighting and a little too much shaky cam in the close-ups.

It also had a little too much and unnecessary commenting on the racing; people cussing out the manager, breaking in with comments while the chases are at most intense, and so much unnecessary death. In that aspect it's almost like a horror movie, one person dying after the other, but with the cityscapes as their canvas it doesn't really feel like horror, it feels like action, fast-paced and gritty, and the cops don't do shit. It ends well, but well... well is all relative.

I like the idea, but I feel there's potential for much more. I feel they could've delved even more on the aspect of running, maybe on breathtaking and beautiful sceneries in conjunction to it, vast cityscapes and odd tidbits of architecture they run across. There's a lot of running but it is mostly in street milieu, it doesn't have as much edge and aesthetic appeal as it could've. I think they prioritized wrong in terms of what content the viewers want most of; how to integrate suspense into the chase. But it was a good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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