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Friday (1995)

Friday (1995)

Chris Tucker's got some of that Fifth Element style in this one! Both movies are from the same year, but what a contrast between them otherwise. One's a blockbuster, and one's low-budget. One's big and spacey, and one's very ordinary and day-by-day. I wonder which act inspired which...

Overall though this is a hood movie if there ever was one, detailing one particularly eventful (or not, considering they're mostly at home, chilling) day in the life of best buddies Craig Jones (Ice Cube) and Smokey (you know who). And their families. And their neighbors. And everyone else.

Their day and dues revolve around the basic aspects of life. About getting a girl. About getting a job. About getting the two hundred dollars Smokey needs to get Big Worm lest they both get killed, and there is actually one particularly fiery scene in the movie.

The slice-of-life-like flow that leads up to it doesn't let you expect it, and though it was entertaining to just listen to these two dudes and the various personalities who surround them talk, and watch people do stuff, and spend their day smoking a blunt (Ice Cube not so willingly) this particular Friday afternoon, it does all come off awfully laid-back apart from that one final scene.

Still people seem to rate it highly. Still I seem to like it. Is their chemistry really that good? Is the script that good? Is the message really that good? None of it really is, and it's both low-budget and basic, but still, there's just something about it. It's just another day in the life but... what a day.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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