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Friday Night Funkin' Backstage

Friday Night Funkin' Backstage

It's out! The third and final; the big one. The FNF entry of FNF entries as far as FNF entries I've somewhat participated in now go.

Animator/director/project organizer extraordinaire @recme's been working pretty much non-stop on this the past week and then some, and what a blast it's been to play a part in. You can catch my voice alongside the likes of NG icons like @VoicesByCorey with the contagious enthusiasm and the always professional maybe most known NG VA @Piper!

Plus up-and-coming ditto @AdubsVA, with @tapioca-witch and @RokusWing on backgrounds/cleaning.

Don't miss the details! Here's the link.

And if you missed my earlier participations for some reason here are those two too.

Funk away y'all. All night all dayfall.


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  1. Justin Spaude
    Sunday Aug/29/2021

    like the fnf jam on newgrounds.

  2. Cyber
    Monday Aug/30/2021

    Exactly that, all three of these played a part in it!

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