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Friday Night Funkyyy

Wonder if I might've inspired this whole FNF wave way back in 2007? With this.

Not that it had much to do with the game content at all, with girlfriend or boyfriend or the ever so villainous dad or luscious mom and all... but there are certain similarities don't ya think? Title-wise and all? My title's vice but tall.

And it's been another week apparently, I see as I stare here eerily, at the calendar where weeks repair and freak.

A working week since the jam has passed. Busy week days but I had a blast. This Friday I think I'll just watch and have a laugh. Till my self-discipline kicks in with that battle wrath. That makes me stay with or without friends till like six AM, catching on on site-work, like this shit again?

Well no I just said six cause it rhymed. Best be quick cause lack time. It's Friday and I sit and: rewind.


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  1. deadskoo🆖
    Friday Mar/19/2021

    Happy Friday Cyberdevil

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Mar/20/2021

    Happy Friday deadskoo🆖!

  3. deadskoo🆖
    Saturday Mar/20/2021

    How do i.. set a pfp

  4. S3C
    Saturday Mar/20/2021 can't. it's not possible with current technology

  5. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/21/2021

    Hey it actually is possible. There's a note on that in the FAQ man @S3C! I thought you went through everything there! ;)

    Profile pics here are fetched via - you can add one there.

    It's a service used for all WP installations by default. You'll have the same picture on all WP sites you comment on with the same email. Unless they have something custom. Though I think even Disqus fetches via Gravatar by default... anyway it's used on a lot pf places; here too. Meant to be a global avatar.

  6. deadskoo🆖
    Tuesday Mar/23/2021

    does it work now *sweats*

    also hi S3C

    oh cool it worked, when i made this post it put it on my other posts.

  7. Cyber
    Tuesday Mar/23/2021

    Yeaaah you got it going now.

    My own pfp suddenly not standing out as much as it used to hmm, maybe I need to start emboldening admin text or something...

    Yupp, applies retrospectively too. It's a pretty useful thing, one of those standards I wish became more common. Would be pretty cool if you could really interact anywhere and the same image carries over. Hopefully no tracking issues though, come to think of it I should probably look into that...

  8. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/9/2021



    also not that many newposts here since when I last posted?? guess I wasn't gone that long

  9. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/9/2021

    Just about a month and a half huh @S3C, it felt like longer though!

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