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Friday The 13th O_O

Wonder if something finna happen today...

GOG Teleglitch Giveaway

...oh hey GOG's giving away Teleglitch for free! 48 hours now. Get it.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Nov/13/2020

    looks good, pondering whether I should reinstall Steam and grab it.

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Nov/14/2020

    Wait wait, GOG giveway? But grab on Steam? Game not game via GOG?

    They have their own interface/launcher/collection thing too if you're into those! Or standalone! All possible options optional and never not at all! ;)

  3. S3C
    Sunday Nov/15/2020

    hmm, didn't know that. Thought you had to have Steam to use/install/get stuff from GOG?

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Nov/15/2020

    Ah no, GOG's a standalone thing. Maybe you're thinking of Humble Bundle? Those often come with Steam gift codes. Plenty of other bundles too I suppose.

    GOG's a different machine though. All games are DRM free. No installation limit. No location limit. Full freedom as to how you wish to play or share (well technically they're meant for personal use - but no DRM) the games you buy there - it's the main reason I prefer it over Steam. Plus the thing about it traditionally being a platform made more to make old games work with newer systems. Old titles generally come with a custom-made DOSBOX sandbox that works on Win XP and up. Linux and/or Mac support for certain titles too. The downside is Steam generally gets all the AAA and more mainstream titles, and GOG the older stuff, but lately they seem to have grown to a point they get a little bit of everything. Depends on the deals they have with individual studios. A couple years ago they launched GOG Galazy too, which is basically a launcher similar to the Steam interface, if you prefer keeping everything accesible via the same interface, adding achievements, multiplayer on certain games etc. It's entirely optional though. The freedom's what makes them stand apart from others IMO.

    So this was why you didn't feel like grabbing those GOG codes earlier too hmm! Explains things...

  5. Cyber
    Sunday Nov/15/2020

    Guess you might've missed the giveaway at this point tho?

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