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From Ash To Alabaster

We all want to live that life...
Stand tall beneath the city lights

But not all can make it!
This world crushes dreams as if they're nothing sacred
So much I've forsaken, so much at stake it, sometimes
Doesn't feel like I can take it...


I could really use a wish right now
Sitting on a bench with a six pack bound in a distant town
All I do is zigzac round worthless
Purpose is ranked number one on my wishlist now

All these wishes downed like I don't deserve wishes!
The world is vicious, I get burns and blisters
But the worst injury I endured with stitches
Was fainting in a shower so you see the pitch is

Anything can happen you can take a crap when
You get a heart attack it's whack but that's the fact man
Elvis didn't come out from the bathroom intact
So I know I better rap these tracks - get my act on

Stand strong like I strap bombs at Nam
I want in on the action but the fact is that
I gotta take action no grip without traction
Slip once, and you're bound to be last but

( I'm wishing for a better life
Is that a falling star or just a satellite?
I don't know what is after life
But whatever's after, I won't be just a passerby )

So many aspects that I gotta master!
To turn my tracks from ash to alabaster!
But flowers bloom in the wake of disaster
Everything's a cycle I look back at the past and see

Life moves fast so I've got to move faster
So much time passed but the past is a tractor
If I wanna go far I'ma have to go hard
Maybe in a Go Cart, don't forget the laughter

Life's bleak if there is no beat
Life's a long gray street if there is no musique
I've had weeks feeling like I'm choked by sudden grief
When I rhyme I breath, this is bliss to me

So you know you better listen to this emcee
I'm searching for purpose, so far this is me
So far this is my vision why I exist to be
I gotta live in the now not in history


I won't be just a passerby!
I'm gonna carve my place in time
I'm gonna climb the mountain
I'm gonna climb


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