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From Paris With Love (2010)

From Paris With Love (2010)

Luc Beson is at it again. Making action movies. Good action movies. Clean. Professional. Fast-paced. Gritty. Sad. Comical. Clever. They have it all! I'm starting to think that whether his titles become cult classics or not (like Leon The Professional) is more down to luck than anything else. As far as overall composition goes it's always a perfect blend. Actors, script and all.

Seeing John Travolta bald was a new experience. But he's perfect. He looks like the living inspiration behind Max Payne 3. His sidekick (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is the counterpart of choice. The untrained brains of the operation.

They partner up and embark on a wild, passionate tour of Paris that doesn't give you a moments rest. The entertainment is all in the details; relations. The planned improvisations. The hints. The vase. The ring. The cans. The bug. The blueprint of it all is pure genius, but last time I saw this movie I think I was so caught up in the action I didn't notice. Or if I did, maybe I didn't care. It's action, and as that it's all it's supposed to be, but it's also much more if you'd like to notice it! It seems the general populace (judging by critic reviews) see it as a simple and straight-forward story, but making a movie easy to follow without being obvious about it is an art in itself. This could be room for a thorough analysis on what makes Luc Besson's action movies tick, why I see a greatness in them that a lot of people don't seem to see, but if you're the action fan that I am I know you'd rather just see the movie. It was, yet again, a great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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