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Frozen 2 (2019)

Frozen 2 (2019)

Find your strength.

Face your fears.

Have I become a sucker for fairy tails and love stories or what?! I'm not crying you're crying. Just some onions here. Just sweating through my eyes. Just practicing for an important role. And rock and role.

Seriously though this movie is good. Powerful. Beautiful. Mysterious in an awesome, epic, adventurous kind of way... even if the cast's sometimes so limited you wonder how she (that'd be Elsa) can really be Queen of anything. What's a kingdom without more people?!

Also feels like the music's sometimes overpowering the song, but that's... pretty much the only real complaint I have here.

The constant proposals may be cheesy, Olaf may be punny in a not always funny way, but the special effects are amazing, the monumental moments are gripping, the magic with flare for flipping, the prospects daunting, the memories haunting, and when it's all over I'm left both inspired and wanting.

My own little adventure. A fantasy like this one. That sparkles shines and glistens.

If you want to be taken for a roller coaster, and left with a little uplifting?

Watch this one.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

As for how it compares to the first one btw I'm not sure at this point but... pretty sure that one was good too. And I get Ice Age vibes sometimes now, which is another all-time favorite when it comes to animated work of wonder. Wonder if some of the same people might've been involved here...


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