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Frozen (2013)

Frozen (2013)

Frozen is a modern-day fairy tail. It's a musical, a story of love and romance, a movie of the type that... I don't usually watch! With all the recent Cars and Toy Story movies and stuff like that it seems it's been a while since Disney made any movie of this sort, but maybe it's a genre that's coming back? This real knight-in-shining-armor, good vs evil, light-hearted comedy, painful relationships and resolutions type of movie I thought I wouldn't be seeing this year (or ever, for that matter).

And though it's not a genre I usually watch, I loved it. I didn't love the music as much as I could've: it feels like the voices were a tad bit sharp and the melodies now always the most touching... when they were supposed to be. The one where the queen signs a song of freedom could be a favorite but... it could've been much better! On second place is the song of the Trolls, rocking and rolling, plotting a marriage. A groovy mood in that one.

The real highlight of this movie is the snow, though. I read a bit about how much work went into creating the effects; how they had actually mapped out 2000 different snowflake patterns for this movie... and though I can't say the 2000 patterns show, the snow looks great. It's fluffy and perceptible, as is the ice; it all builds up a genuinely wintery atmosphere. I'm reminded of Mulan and of... and of what? Shrek?? All the movies I can recall that tell of a tale of fairy tail seem to be parodies... makes me wonder if there have been any originals and if I've ever seen any of them. This was good. Conclusion.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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