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Fuck This Jam

/img/3/Fuck-This-Jam.jpg">Fuck This Jam

A game jam where you challenge yourself to make something you don't actually want to make! Does that sound like... totally not fun but probably educational and stimulating? :P

Check out the site (which btw looks exactly like the screenshot above at time of posting).


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  1. Doomroar
    Sunday May/25/2014

    Indeed it sounds like totally not fun but definitively it must be educational and stimulating... oh the rage quits! haha.

    If i was a game developer i would probably see myself making a date sim or another kind of boring simulator... probably an RPG agh, Fuck that Jam! what a perfect name!

  2. Cyber
    Sunday May/25/2014

    Haha, yeah, I suppose this'll answer the question of if a game developer's interest in making a game is reflected in how fun it is to play. Hope there'll be a list of them for the world to try out, if anyone remains victorious in the face of disinterest and suffering...

    You don't like date sims? :L I'd probably hmm, I'd probably make a sports game. Something with soccer. I don't dislike the sport itself, but man do I hate those games.

  3. Doomroar
    Monday May/26/2014

    I definitively would want to see the results of that jam, to play games made out the martyrized tears of these game devs XD.

    Oh i hate those games too! but i hate date sims even more, what a waste of time, they are slightly better than visual novels i hate those too with a passion, probably the only date sims that i ever played and finished were the meet and fuck games at NG, and that was only because... well, because reasons...

  4. Cyber
    Monday May/26/2014

    Hah, either the resultd's be great, the product of even greater pain and agony... or they'll be total crap. :P

    Hmm mhmm, the M&F games aren't bad! But what about all the Frank's Adventures or... well actually that's the only one I can recall right now, but I recall it as fun! Time might've changed my mind though. As for visual novels though, ever tried Bible Black? Discipline? Taiman Asagi? Those aren't bad either, IMVHO.

  5. Doomroar
    Tuesday May/27/2014

    Either way it would be interesting to see XD.

    Well they were mostly to satiate that young self of mine, Frank’s Adventures? let me google it... oh the photographer guy! damn now i fell old XD. Oh you bastard stop, never mention Bible Black to me, i saw the animated hentai and regret every and each dick girl on it.

  6. Cyber
    Tuesday May/27/2014


    Haha, yeah that was a while back. I take it you played them though? Oh man, didn't remember we'd talked about this earlier till now! Alright, topic drop then.

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