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Funky Friday

Hello Again! It's Friday, the best day of the week. I watched Zatoichi and Offside today, great movies, both of them. Tomorrow I will be watching more movies than ever before, but there will be no blogpost tomorrow (since I'll then be watching more movies than ever before). So this post ends the weekly blogpost week at cyberDB and NG that I have been arranging today (and yesterday, and the day before that all the way down to Monday). And to be honest, daily writing really isn't anything for me, so now I know and can avoid any jobs as daily writer on the various newspapers I read, and I can avoid writing daily blogposts for a week as well. I prefer writing when I'm inspired, and only then. This means either when I'm in a great mood or when it's night and nice and quite. Anyhow...

Zatoichi (2004)

Was it 2004? If it wasn't, I apologize, and will not change the date above but will keep the right one in mind for the next Zatoichi-related post I make after you email me the correct year. Anyhow, this movie is fantastic. The main character is a blind massagist traveling around the country, but there are plenty of other main characters as well, including a fat guy in a Samurai suit, a gambling addict, a transvestite and his sister, a ronin and a gang boss. There's a lot of action, and though the blood may seem exaggerated at times, it's always realistic (at least it seems realistic) and stylish. The director puts the colors Red and Blue into focus, as he does in all his other movies, red standing for evil and blue standing for good. He also uses gray and brown.

The story about this clash of personalities taking place in olskool Edo, where early Yakuza, ronin and samurai roam the country is intense and fast-paced, with lots of variety. The scenery is varied, as are the swift sword moves, characters, events and different angles of filming. The story puts together both Drama, Action and Comedy. Great music as well. The whole thing is a work of art, a must see.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Offside (2001)

This movie is Swedish, so all of you non-Swedish people, I don't recommend you watch this, even though there is a lot of English in it. The movie is a dramatical comedy. Swedish movies tend to contain more everyday dilemmas/relationship issues/etc that are typically left out in other countries (other countries being England, France and USA, the three countries I've seen most movies from). Swedish movies differ a lot from all the relationship dramas you'll probably watch in America. Mainly because, well, Swedish people are different, they prioritize different things, they act differently in different situations, they react differently.

Overall Swedish relationship movies are much heavier than the American ones. I watch a lot more American content than I do Swedish, and I like the American content much more, maybe because I'm used to it, but this is still a good and watchworthy movie. For Swedish people that is. It's not all about relationship, it's about soccer as well, and that aspect of it is exiting (as always). The comical values in it outweigh the other issues as well, so it's all good.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Ok then, see you soon.


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