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Fury (2014)

Fury (2014)

It's another war movie, but this time it's about tanks.

It's intense. It's brutal. It really encapsulates both the madness and that strange fascination for history's most savage of battles, but why do they have to throw in the blue-eyed noob amidst the slaughter? Of course, we wouldn't relate if there wasn't a character we wanted to relate to: a good character. An innocent. A hoy who has no place in the war, with eyes that shine with fear (and an ironic Aryan blue), and a naivety that for a while keeps him out of the group and makes life dangerous for everyone in the tank they call home.

It´s an inspiring story, but oh so angled. Why can´t the tough guys dominate these movies sometimes? Why can't a serious movie have serious tough guys?

Saving Private Ryan was just the same, and you can add to that pretty much all other war movies out there. They throw in a symbol of sanity amidst the chaos - like you´d throw a boat into a stream. And as you watch the boat, you forget about the stream. The stream rages. The stream is savage. The stream: would make a good movie.

That said, it was good, and I did feel for the blue-eyed noob, and Brad Pit put on an awesome performance as team leader. It was a gut-wrenching journey, and though the official description glorifies it a bit much, it was pretty mad, and it's in war-time you find the greatest contrasts. It's savage, but beautiful, it's heartless, but gentle. It's gritty, it's grotesque; it's great. If you're looking for war: sinister, savage, styled, glorified, with an angle of authenticity, here's your movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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