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Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017)

Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017)

Here's an intimate interview with that one pop star who likes to dress up in strange things, or in as little as possible, or both! And who makes pretty catchy music, who completely kicked Akon out of the spotlight (according to him - though he wasn't mad about it - that bit's not in this documentary) and whom Madonna apparently won't recognize.

An interviewer - who's almost so close I wonder if he/she actually lives with her during the filming of the documentary - follows her around, and spends a few days, or weeks (or months?) not so much interviewing, as just filming the moments, meetings, and speeches as she prepares for a new album and her Super Bowl halftime show. Which is a big thing.

It's not bad! She's not bad. What a voice. Damn. Creative mind too, and a whole lot of heart, mixed as it is with an abundance of decisiveness and diva - though isn't that what you'd expect from the one and only Gaga?

It's a strangely both uplifting and depressing glimpse into the mind of the star. She talks a lot about herself. She talks about her projects. She cries a bit. She gets massaged. She's got issues, though also an abundance of love. I feel like either the movie didn't manage to give us the full picture - with focus on not all the right things - or this is her life. Which would be sad.

At the same time I do appreciate the very down-to-earth way in which the documentary progresses, and how it really feels like you're in the room with her in almost every scene.

The studio sessions and bits of music were the best part - therapy as much for the viewer as it seems to be for herself. It wasn't an always uplifting, exciting, or very wholesome glimpse, but it did pique my interest in the person behind this mask.

I wonder if this is really her. I wonder what really drives her. I wonder if she couldn't be happier, and I hope she figures things out. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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