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Ghayal Once Again (2016)

Ghayal Once Again (2016)

If it wasn't for crappy special effects and CGI, this movie might not have been so bad. It seems to also require prerequisite knowledge on a previous movie to get into, something I don't believe movies should.

The thing that separates a movie from a series, is that you can watch one movie without watching another - even if the characters are re-occurring, and certain references and trademarks carry across that watching all movies will make it easier to understand. But the plot should be kept separate. Though it doesn't always work out that way (thinking of also recently-watched action movie franchises Resident Evil and X-Men as I write this), that is my firm belief.

Of course, sequels do make for additional business opportunities - building upon an already established brand or blockbuster, but it's not so easy for new viewers to get into a franchise if they have to start from the beginning right away - if that franchise has spanned multiple segments. I wish all movies took the James Bond approach: kept it suitable, and stand-alone, and yet the more James Bond movies you watch the more you know, and the more you want to watch. Which is not how this was at all.

For an action movie the fights weren't that special either. It's more of a thriller than an action movie, and though it does have emotional scenes, they often come across as brash and unnecessary. If it was more action that'd be alright, but the exaggeration clashes with a setting that's supposed to feel serious otherwise. It does feel serious, but what I'd consider flaws in filming and special effects take away from your ability to immerse yourself.

There is one cool dance scene at least, and there's nothing wrong with the plot. It's about politics, and corruption, and true justice - which seems to be a relevant topic in India as much today as in the past. Overall it's thorough and effectual (especially the flashbacks were nicely done), but lacks red thread and polish: consistency, believability, and presumably big-budget CGI.

Especially at the end. I mean: We will fight you with our bare hands. Really? And when he runs at the bad guy at the end of the movie, the guy seems to aim at him carefully, yet still manages to miss all vital parts of his body. And he has a big body. The "I am a politician so I can do whatever I want!" mantra doesn't really carry across the cultural divide either. In the rest of the world it doesn't work that way. At least I hope not. At least, I imagine that if it does: the politicians don't always scream at the top of their lungs when they want to be heard, or exercise their power as publicly. That is a cultural difference that makes it hard to see this and feel like the threat is real. Silent villains: they're the deadly ones. Or at least the composed ones.

It wasn't bad, but it could have been better, and it could have relied less on prequels to build up a scheme. Ones I haven't seen - though as of now I guess they too are on my list. Hopefully, they'll be better.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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