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Ghost Shark 2 - Urban Jaws (2015)

Ghost Shark 2 - Urban Jaws (2015)

When Ghost Shark returns to terrorize Auckland, Mayor Broody calls in an expert ghost shark hunter to protect the citizens and finally defeat the creature.

Yes indeed, it's another lousy Ghost Shark movie. Well the first one wasn't, but with a main actor you just can't take seriously, wholesomely bad filming, and what appears to just be a total lack of budget to boost the scenes - this one certainly is.

The darkness and parody... it just doesn't mix either. It has its moments, like the eye-darkening effect when people choke on a shark, and not bad actors, but generally just very low-budget filming that doesn't bring out anyone's true potential. Too few extras, a lack of authenticity and a crisis that just doesn't feel like it. That's what the sequel had to offer.

It entertained a little but... not worth the time.

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit


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