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Ghosted (2023)

It's like Knight And Day, but with reversed gender roles, and bad chemistry... like night and day... for a while.

The visuals are good, the insect scene was good (albeit with unnecessary sound effects for the ants occasionally - unrealistic eye-gouging at the end too I imagine), the bus was a colorful addition, I love how it fell apart, I loved the hitmen chain bit, I loved the spin on the final fight too - there are some good parts! Overall maybe it isn't that bad after all, they even give pretty good space to the fight sequences, and the hits are realistic, I think the chemistry just... puts me off initially. It's not right somehow.

Is he really that needy? Isn't she just an asshole - and his family too - especially the sister? Maybe I relate too much for comfort, both to the staying-with-your-parents-to-help-them thing and to the at times frustrating sibling rivalry.

I don't relate to the emoji stuff, that's just unnecessary...

Towards the end I'm enjoying it again, but the larger part of the movie was a little hard to get through.

That Ryan Reynolds part though. XD Surprise cameo.

So I did enjoy this movie but... not always. Not in a way where it all redeems itself in the end either - sometimes the dialog just felt too harsh - sometimes the romance could've been way more romantic also. If this is the ideal banter for a chick flick now then... I'm not sure I like the new banter. What happened to the magic we used to have?

It's a solid movie with issues.

Or just characters with issues - that translate to me as issues with the movie itself. With the overall experience, the element of entertainment, enjoyment and potential immersiveness this movie medium tends to provide...

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans are great when they really are, but I do have some qualms with this particular movie...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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