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G.I. Joe - Rise Of Cobra (2009)

G.I. Joe - Rise Of Cobra (2009)

I just watched the second G.I. Joe movie thinking I'd already reviewed the first, but looks like I haven't!! That's a first. I have now, though.

It's been a while since I saw this, and looking back, I always thought the first was the best of the two, but it's really the other way around. Seeing Channing go in the second might not have been the worst choice to progress the script, because I have a hard time taking him seriously even when he is.The rest of the crew are good, and I'm glad Snake Eyes is always there, lurking in the shadows, but they sure received an upgrade when The Rock came along, and both new main characters felt like a breath of fresh air somehow.

But maybe it's not their fault - maybe it's the movie. The secret base under the polar ice cap might've been a bit too much. The suits and soldiers that just won't die are a bit much. When attacks have no effect, and it takes a train to end a car chase - after a heavy exchange of rockets and missiles, you loose sense of their strength. It's just overpowering. I'm glad they got rid of all those suits the second time around.

That said, the suits were pretty cool when first introduced, and the characters too. I wonder whatever happened to Anna after this, or some of the other guys. Did they all retire somewhere between the first and second? It feels like inconsistencies, but at the same time, the bigger picture bridges the gap between movies well.

This here is an introduction to the plot of world domination you see in the second, like a pilot, and one first attempt that doesn´t have quite so disastrous consequences as the latter: nanomite warheads. It gets out of control, of course, and you know there's going to be a sequel, but this isn't the kind of movie you watch to see who wins. You know who wins: you just don't know how they'll get there, or at what cost.

Ironic also how the team that was sacrificed to spawn the two main characters in this movie, die with the next, and spawn the new ones. I wonder if that'll keep repeating itself...

Looks like I'm talking more about the second movie than the first one here! But let me just conclude that it was a great movie. The special effects are a bit dated on some parts, but it's good enough, and the Eiffel Tower falling was one particularly well-made scene. The fights, the firepower: it's all awesome. Overall it's one more action movie well-done.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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