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Like I said, it's a new year!
We're just full of surprises for you!
It's not one gift I have to give today, it's 3 of them! Before I tell you about the trilogy of additions I would like to announce something though. During the last 2 months of 2006 we broke the barrier of 1K unique visitors per day!!
We're getting big now! Why is this? And how can we get even bigger? Well, I'm hoping you can help answer the first question, I'd be happy if you posted a short comment on why you think the site is growing. I need the thoughts of other people than just me to keep everything going in the right direction.

The second question remains, and as an answer I will be using apache mod rewrite to make all the sites pages more search-engine friendly. Google ( and buddies ) don't seem to like pages being shown as "index.php?dyze=page" . . . so I will try getting pages to be seen as /page/name.htm instead . . . should be nicer. It's amazing we've grown this much with almost no help from the search-engines!! ^_^

Ok, now for the list of additions. We'll start with the new logo and background. I thought it was time for a change, so here you go. It's still a Christmas theme though, since it is officially Christmas still . . . although it does feel like it's over already. A huge amount of pages have also been updated, actually I'm pretty sure I have updated every single page on the main site ( that is, pages with the ?dyze=page extension. ). More info, updates and a few images here and there have been added here and there . . . and are being uploaded as we speak . . . err, read/write. I've tried my best not to delete anything. Ok, on to the new stuff :

Games - 100 brand new games have been added to the "Games" section. All kinds : puzzles, racing, action, adult, etc. Have fun. ;) Remember that we still have the biggest collection of flash games on the internet ( well, apart from NewGrounds ). Theres not much info or previews, but there's a lot to play.

( )

PSP - Well, since NewGrounds has one I thought we might as well get one too . . . a PSP section that is. We have 24 wallpapers and a list of links to useful guides on how to do stuff with your PSP.

( )

Wallpapers - I added a bunch ( 99 ) of wallpapers ( not mine ) to the gallery. I'll repeat that they are not mine, they are merely a collection of wallpapers that I like, that used to be available on 4chan, but are no more. Link follows.

( UPDATE - Seems like my gallery script doesn't show more than 9 folders, so I added a second gallery and added some other stuff too. Here you go, new link below. )

( Moved to FTPDB )

Have a nice day!


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  1. Woot
    Monday Jan/8/2007

    more games!

  2. Cyberdevil
    Monday Jan/8/2007

    Hehe, and there will be even more!

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