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Gluten Morgen. Gluten Tag.

I'm so TIRED... can't seem to get anything done today.

At least not at the pace I've been accustomed to the past couple weeks
or so.

I mean I did just finish work and I have been working - it hasn't been totally hopeless - I've persevered. Just not at optimal pace today. Not in tiptop form. Not with my utmost focus potential.

I know why though.

I ate gluten-filled tortillas yesterday - a full eight of them. They expired last year but that doesn't have anything to do with it. I took a capsule with enzymes to break down the gluten but that doesn't seem to matter either. Maybe it does help. I don't feel bloated. My stomach's OK, but at least I'm imagining that I do notice certain other gluten-related attributes and traits I'm not usually accustomed to equipping when in my glue-free state...

Like being tired.

Like man. Like really. Like I slept over eight hours, and I've felt pretty good the past week, and it wasn't that long ago I worked out now, but I'm still so tired!!! So unfocused and lethargic. What is going on y'all. Does a gym high only last so long? I'm definitely not at a loss of coffee today either.

I take this as irrefutable proof that even if your body can break down those gluten enzymes they just are not good for you! The white bread you eat's not worth it. Just look at it - all spongy and shit? So chewy and light?

Get some avocado. Go live your life.


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  1. biterr
    Friday Feb/3/2023

    drsevenseizemd wouldn't agree.

  2. Cyber
    Friday Feb/3/2023

    You're probably right. XD Though she does bake gluten-free cookies too occasionally! Would love to try sometime...

  3. S3C
    Friday Oct/6/2023

    for some reason I never commented on this. Maybe because I didn't need to ask @Cyberdevil

  4. Cyber
    Tuesday Oct/10/2023

    It wasn't

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