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GMail Security Review

So, I took a quick vacation trip to Ă–stersund last weekend, and in preparation I stashed away some useful links; writing on my main email account, which I planned to access from there should I need it.

I don't have 2-step authorization activated, or anything of the sort, yet trying to log on with my brothers computer... didn't work! Google was skeptical. Was it really me that was trying to log on?

They prompted me to verify this via my cellphone, which I tried, but after one attempt led to the form field on the computer being repeatedly filled in and clicked, unsuccessfully logging in till the point it gave an error message (as if someone was remotely using the computer), I gave up. I assume it was a remote connection via my cellphone, but just processing the form without actually verifying me first seems pretty stupid. I still wasn't allowed in, of course.

I couldn't use my password recovery thing, because apparently you can't just type in your other email account and have the password sent there - you need to fill in a bunch of other obligatory data, such as sign-up date for your account!! I've had my account forever. Do they really expect me to remember that specific date?

I couldn't verify via a passcode via SMS either, since I didn't have the phone I'd specified for such recovery with me. I was on the verge of logging in via my cellphone to see when the account was created, so I could log in via my computer (where you can actually accomplish work), but it started taking a while to load so... screw that.

I ignored Gmail for the duration of my stay, and that's the end of this rant. Maybe this protocol has kept a bunch of hackers out of my account already. Maybe it's great. But I would appreciate if Google told me I'm no longer free to log on from a device of choice beforehand, so issues like this would never arise. An email account is one of those accounts you expect to have available wherever you are. It's online, after all.

I wonder how the public computer visits will go this summer... better have my other cellphone at hand when time comes. Or, better yet, maybe switch to a more transparent email provider. I hear MyWay have a decent service.


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