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Gmails Hidden Limitations

Gmail's Hidden Limitations

Did you know, that if you for some reason use your Gmail account more than the almighty Google would like you to, they'll shut down your account? Well now you know, so if you haven't done so already, get yourself a backup account in case this happens!

I had this happen to me (for the first time) yesterday, after sending a rather large array of file attachments (around ten emails with close to 25MB each). Photos. As far as sharing photos goes, email is the best alternative for me, you get to keep a local copy as backup that you can send to other people, and the attachments are usually (depends on which provider you use) displayed in gallery form so they are easy to browse through. Oh, and it's sharing on a personal basis, which is the biggest benefit of all. I don't want my photos lounging around on social media sites. I don't take them to get attention.

Turns out though, that Gmail has a problem with excessive use of their attachment system. Be it a bug or an intentional scheme to keep people from using their service for only regular textual purpose, but they locked me out for well over four hours yesterday. I checked after an hour. Cleared my cache. Still locked out. I checked a couple of hours later. Still locked out. I checked shortly after midnight... finally, back in! :D

Then this morning I log on again and attempt to send that one email Gmail prohibited me from sending yesterday... and guess what, they've locked me out. It didn't take more than a few attachments this time before the remaining attachments failed, so that's that. That is what's making me change my main email provider for good. For the first time in... well maybe close to ten years.

I didn't like the new compose screen, but it was tolerable considering the rest of the service still worked well. Being locked out of your primary form of communication however, with no reason supplied, for an unspecified amount of time... on more than one occasion... without viable reason on that second occasion... that's where I draw the line. I'm not done with Gmail, but I can no longer rely on them for my everyday tasks. Problem is Yahoo! also has a pretty buggy file attachment system, and Hotmail deletes your account after just a few months of inactivity, and AIM doesn't have conversation view... any contestants?


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