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Golden Job (2018)

Golden Job (2018)

A heist goes wrong, and a band of brothers split up, and one of them turns into a villain.

It's not all that simple a story of deceit and family, with plenty of chases and action sequences along the way, some sadness, some live life advice, and that typical (awesome) bittersweet Chinese end sequence.

If it wasn't for the special effects and somewhat fragmented development I feel like this would have really been a good movie. The chases had a little Fast & Furious to them, and the action sequences were AWESOME - both the firefights and the hand-to-hand stuff, but it falls short somewhere.

They had the right story, the right talent, impressive scenery and budget and everything, but the direction comes off a bit too bland. A bit too... aimless. When it's done what was it really all for?

Maybe it's a cultural thing.

I did enjoy it though. Having been to Budapest recently it was a great bonus to see the sceneries there from a whole new perspective, and if I ever get the chance I wouldn't mind visiting Monte Negro next. Seems like an amazing place. The places in this movie are most definitely all amazing, so at least in that regard it does the title justice. And in plenty else too.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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