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Google Maps Bugging Out

I was riding around in Google Street View the other day, and look at this...

On Jockfall

At Jockfall

Also Jockfall

Jockfall Too

Jockfall Again


Wonder if there are other places like it.


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  1. s3c
    Tuesday Nov/20/2018

    it's like one of those hidden doors in Wolfenstein/Duke Nukem...

    i ran into crop circles on google maps once (no joke)

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Nov/20/2018

    It's like that place you're never supposed to get to in Dark City. O_o

    Woah. Remember the place? Seems like they save all dates too, so you can skim through footage from different years for the same locations. It's pretty cool. Could see if it's a re-occurring phenomenon...

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