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Gringo (2018)

Gringo (2018)

This one's going to be a classic!

The lack of plot holes here make me feel like I've been sloppy in my judgement with earlier movies. Just because they look awesome maybe I give them higher ratings than they deserve, when this one both looked awesome and felt awesome. It felt authentic too. I didn't notice any special effects. I didn't notice any loose ends. I liked the story as well - from it's inception with the dark company humor to the sequences of action and bizarre comedy it turned to.

I liked the main character in particular (well-played David Oyelowo). I liked the gorilla comparisons. For a moment I felt like this is what cultural diversity done well looks like! I mean: you can play around with it. It's not taboo. Interracial relations are plentiful here, and good... and bad. It's a shame the boss looks so much like Elon Musk because that guy is hopefully nothing like this guy, but you can play around with that too. Freedom breeds openness. Or openness freedom? Either way it all works.

The story's a story about a company worker, faithful, going to Mexico on a routine job, and his world getting turned upside down when after a failed staged kidnapping he's kidnapped for real, and his wife leaves him, and I'd better not spoil the rest of it because there are surprises.

It takes a refreshingly new route compared to other movies of the type, and did I mention it feels authentic? What the characters say. What they do. A lot of it's overdone for comedy but: it feels right. There's no unnecessary dialog, no all-consuming soundtrack in the background (when there is it's tasteful), and overall just none of that unnecessary stuff, so I won't riddle this review with it either. Just praise and good words.

Maybe Mexico's still uncharted territory, or maybe they just got everything right with this one. I hesitate with giving it a five since it didn't have all the doses of action or sci-fi I usually consider for such top scores, but it's just hard to find any flaws to downgrade. Maybe it's not one of those movies you'll watch more than once, but it was great. All the way through.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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