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Welcome to my simple page of GTA SA modifications! So far I have two mods available. The first one can be used to change a multitude of vehicle textures in the game at once. No new car models, only new designs and skins, it will bring a whole new look to your game without modifying the script at all!

The second mod changes much more than this, it will change both appearance and script, and includes many other seperate mods that you can use to further enhance your game. In general it will replace ALL vehicles, weapons and landscapes with brand new textures. It also includes new particle effects, a new atmosphere, and extended gameplay with many new features and functions. My goal is to double all the original restrictions. Twice the amount of vehicles, twice the weapons, twice the clothes, twice the missions. It is far from finished, but is currently running smoothly at release v0.5, install has been significantly simplified, and there are many additional modifications that will seemlessly integrate this this one, you can view those here.

I have a basic understanding of how the game files work, and I love messing around with the games script, so if you have any special requests - need help with something - etc - just send me an email. The only thing I lack is the time to work with GTA SA whenever I feel like it. I hope to have some of my own texture and vehicle mods included in the major mods in the future as well. Have fun!


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