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Gunfight At The OK Corall (1975)

Gunfight At The OK Corall (1975)

Old movies really aren't that bad, at least not old westerns. It's like they were made to be old. Back when they made this movie they probably didn't need a set the same way they need today, everything looked like it did back then like it did back then. Dusty, dry; wild.

This movie is a little special since it's a bit of a documentary on one of the many legendary shootouts of the wild west, with Doc Holiday & Wyatt Earp and a bunch of other less known people. The movie moves at a rather slow pace, and the action is all but intense, but it's got that gritty slow brutal style that all good Westerns have. It's a change of pace, a drama, a series of events that lead to a grand finale. And then, bang, the bad guys die. You know how it goes, right? I should watch more of these! :)

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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