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Guns Girls And Gangsters (1959)

Guns Girls And Gangsters (1959)

In Las Vegas, a group of assorted criminals plans the robbery of an armored truck hauling casino money to the bank.

Lee Van Cleef, Mamie Van Doren and Gerald Mohr! The main trio of notabilities!

It could've been a good movie this one! If only the times weren't so different. If only the bad guys could win. If only making anything that wasn't a merit for making people good was a sin. In other words... propaganda. That's how it ends. That's what it feels like. The lesson to be learned here is that armored cars do their job well.

Feels like they could've probably run through some roadblocks if they wanted to, alas. The song and dance isn't as captivating as in say *I can't remember the title or actress now! Some particularly seducing movie from the 1920-30's, anyone?!* either, but it's not bad otherwise. Never mind how much mannerisms differed with the times (or do mind - and be fascinated), it's just unfortunate it comes across so angled, so simple; so outdated in just that way. Tech-wise. Plan-wise. Character-wise. Wise-wise?

They are ahead of their time.

 rated 2.5/5: almost not bad


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