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Halloween (2018)

Halloween (2018)

Blumhouse took over Halloween too! :O Bold move, but they did it well.

It's not directly a reboot either - in difference from the last time this franchise was brought back, but rather a follow-up to the original from exactly 40 years back. Ignoring Rob Zombie's trademark attempt a 2007, it instead breaths new life into the Michael Meyers myth by bringing the viewer into the asylum he's been housed in for a full lifetime following the dreadful first event, and all this time without speaking a single word.

They build up his image via the words of those around him, most strongly uttered by his previous doctor, who came to the conclusion that he was truly evil incarnate, and that there was no other choice but to kill him, and to destroy the body. His new doctor - one who has devoted pretty much his entire life to the study of this morbid man, who happens to look a bit like Einstein, has a whole other kind of interest in his patient...

The survivors from the original movie are there too, and of course it just so happens after this atmospheric introduction that Michael is about to get transferred to a new facility and... doesn't make it all the way. All of a sudden he's roaming the streets again, on Halloween, wielding his trademark mask. He has a knife. His adversaries have guns. But what does that do, really? He's Michael Meyers.

It's a pretty atmospheric movie! Not so scary as suspenseful, and a welcome new take on the original franchise. It brings it all back in a both familiar and respectable way. Not distorting things from the original. Not trying to modernize everything too much. It keeps it close and personal, and bloody. Some of the screams were a bit excessive, and some encounters a bit too basic, but overall it's got a good thing going. Blumhouse. Another work of horror under their belt done well. I'm hopeful about a sequel too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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