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Halloween Carvings II

Haven't had a real Halloween post in ages - the past few years these mentions have been squashed in with the weeklies and other events. I did carve a couple of digital pumpkins for today though, after finding four old ones I hadn't posted yet, so here you go, and

Happy Halloween!

May it be horrorful and terrorful, and may you eat mounds of so much candy that you feel good but not all-too-full and fat on sugar cause that feeling kind of sucks! Or better yet: have some carrots. They're even more fun to chip at with fangs.

Little Devil





Cross Eyes

Btw, if you want to carve some of your own pumpkins, but like I lack a real pumpkin to take your knives to, use this. Or better yet (what I should've written above): take a bite! Pumpkins are even more fun to chop up with fangs. ;)

You can check out my last (pretty old) post of Halloween Carvings here.


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