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This is an insult. Towards Halloween and traditions, there is no respect for ancient culture and there will be no remorse. We will demonstrate and if it doesn't work we will fight back with force.

Now let me tell you about the messed up Halloween here in Sweden. It's the 5th of NOVEMBER!!! IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER!!! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE OCTOBER 31ST!!! ¤%=#)&(!!! Here in Sweden there is a day called Helgonens Dag, it's on the 5th of November, and somehow everyone is now celebrating Halloween on Helgonens dag. On Helgonens dag your supposed to put flowers on graves and stuff and cry rivers thinking of dead people (all the floods cause a high death rate through the day, at least 1 p(erson)p(er)/s(econd) drowns in the flood, it also affects our neighbor countries, many wars have been started concerning this before).

I know that originally Halloween was similar to Helgons Dag, before it came to USA people used to light fires to guide the spirits of dead people, but we celebrate both days here, so they should not be put together, they are completely different!

Anyway, Sweden is highly influenced by American culture, and that's the reason why we celebrate Halloween, but we can't just steal a tradition and celebrate it on the wrong date! This is BS! Also, trick or treating over here is Mega BS. You don't even get skittles or jellybeans or any kind of cheap candy, you'll be lucky to get an ecological apple... that screws up a big part of the American tradition too... I miss the Halloweens I celebrated in the other countries I lived in. O_o

This sucks. We have to preserve the Halloween spirit! Someones going down tonight...


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  1. Cyberdevil
    Friday Mar/11/2011

    Fight back goddamit! AAAAAAAAAAARGH! )(Y%(/)(&¤#%4564

  2. bj4rven
    Tuesday Oct/18/2011

    You're BS'ing Cyberdevil!

  3. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Oct/19/2011

    About the floods and the deathrate.. and the someone going down that night? :P Maybe a little...

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