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Handbags, MAX & Vice City Buses

I dreamt I was up at MAX, Storheden, Luleå, just beside COOP, the supermarket. I'm not sure where my parents were, but I had their handbags with me, and I was in some kind of booth with self-service automats through which I was to order my food, and didn't know where I should put those handbags.

So I kept them with me, and I ate my food, and then I hid them behind one of the self-service automats and went shopping.


There weren't many other people at MAX though, and in my dream it didn't seem like a security risk at all, but I'm not sure what happened to those bags. Before I woke up they'd been forgotten.

I didn't shop anything either, I just waltzed around the store, made my way out, and back to MAX where I bought another burger. I didn't want to leave the handbags, and my parents still weren't around.

This time I had some company though! I don't recall what we chatted about, but I decided to take some photos through the window, at a city that now looked a lot like Budapest, but with the streets submersed in water. It was both a beautiful and a dystopian scene, like Venice, with the sunshine glistening off the rooftops as if they'd been sprayed by salt... but also lonely and desolate, with not a person in sight, and the city streets branched out endlessly against the horizon.

The resolution on the photo was a bit weird - stretched out, and I realized I'd been taking pictures in the wrong format. So I switched to a more wide-screen version and it was all good.

And that was the end of that part of the dream.

Handbag mystery included.

Loose ends in my dream.

Earlier on I was driving through the streets in Vice City, heading towards the airport with my parents. We were on a bus, and everything looked just like it does in the game... but we never made it to the airport. We kept circling about. We made our short airport trip as if in an endless loops, constantly going back to the starting point and taking the same route once again, as if the city was unrealistically small (which it is), and a real trip to the airport had to take longer.

I'm not sure if we ever made it to the airport, or what happened to the bags, or who my company was at MAX. That's where it all fades away, and I wake up late.


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