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Happy 2016!

The fireworks still pop occasionally outside. I watched the festivities as they boomed, then closed the curtains to compose this blog. A smoky haze drifts like clouds over a dark sky; the flashes of light gone from ferocious and fluorescent to sparse and surprising. As I started writing they popped in succession, but now they sound far away. And they, become one, and once again the night is silent.

I posted my resolutions for the year a while ago, but you can't see them yet. :) Until the year is done, they're private. Don't tell anyone about your goals until you achieve them, that's the words of wisdom I'm going by this year. Are they wise? Let's see if they were in a few months!

The eve of the New Year always brings with it a sense of hope and promise for me, and adventure. We're embarking on a grand quest, strolling onto an unmarked section of the map. No man's land. We haven't been here before. We don't know what awaits us or what we'll find, be it good or bad, the void of knowledge is all but void of potential!

Like the fireworks in the sky, the New Year sparks my hope, and I look forward to seeing what awaits on the other side of this one day that divides us, from the present, and the future. Now, it's officially here.

Happy 2016!!


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