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Happy 2023!

Happy 2023!

Happy 2023 you all!

You can have a peek at my first post of last year here.

I'm reading through it as I write this, as seems to have become tradition the past few years. Delving into the previous as to see what I've accomplished, or changed, as time comes to once more conclude and make way for the new.

I'm no longer steadily progressing in the blogging department.

Compared to last year - by which I'd been steadily posting more and more posts each year for a good number of them - it seems I've slowed down. The post count's down by sixty or so - a ten page difference in the archives. Though if you discount movie reviews, which I have a massive backlog of unposted drafts for at the time of writing, maybe I've actually written more. More worthwhile posts. More life-related ones. More real stuff.

I'm not sure how to count words/year at this point. I'll figure that out later and do some stats on that. Not that it matters much but numbers are fun. Numbers that correlate to the blog seem to relate to my life too. This place is a reflection of it after all. An outlet of parts of it, but I believe more so a summative reflection over how engaged I am, and how motivated, and how much I manage with my time in any given year, since writing is still something I hold in high regard and would like to do more of.

I want to continually hone the craft that I regard as my first and foremost - my potential calling - if for naught else. Though spontaneously scribing away at the start or end of a day feels good too. It's my venting ground.

But enough about differentials on the blog. (It seems I had a queue of unposted movie reviews last year too btw - though I doubt it was as big as now - they're very probably the missing margin on amounts posted this year compared to the previous - additional post increase included).

I wonder if I should make any promises or predictions on post count for next year. What do you think? I think it'll rise again...

I was hopeful but a bit hesitant about life last year too.

And about the world.

Times were harsh then too, but that was before war flared up between Russia and Ukraine. And before North Korea seemed to seriously consider war with it's similarly-named neighbor. And before India were gearing up to defend themselves against China and their highly unsustainable fishing practices along India's coast. And before Taiwan was being taken over. And before the US was getting involved. Before Sweden tried to join NATO. Before the new energy crisis. Before covid spiked once again and it's said at least a million people will die in China...

It seems we were getting a glimpse of conflict and hardship last year too, but it seems to be amping up.

Occasionally I worry.

For the most part I try not too.

My mom worries enough for both of us, and I'm more frustrated with her doomsday reports - with goodwill conveyed from consistent mainstream media consumption - than with what's actually going in the world.

It's pretty terrible all over, but what use it is to worry? Best focus on changing what you can change, with whatever you feel needs changing. And in my case I feel like that's mainly my life.

A little egoistic, I know. But if I'm in a good place myself, then I can bring others there too. Help thy self in order to help thy others.

As they say in their security overview when you're taxing off on a runway, in case of loss of oxygen in cabin during flight: put on your own facemask before helping others put on theirs. Lest you faint and die before you get the chance to, and thus they too might perish.

I'm hopeful things will get better in regard to the pandemic at least - vaccination side effects are a hot but verified potato too these days. Vaccination passes seem less common. Restrictions have simmered down. There's a sense of normalcy despite attempts to once again amp up public hysteria and booster shot profitability.

I'm less hopeful about the war. And about China. About the very real and escalating threats we face in regard to environmental instabilities, food and energy shortages, and ultimately armed conflicts around the world. WW3? Is it possible? I hope not. I wouldn't rule it out though.

People seem to act before they think these days. We have few capable leaders. Tension's rising. Seems not only weapon manufacturers truly want a war, and financial issues are bound to further fuel both tensions and conflicts. It's a war for resources after all. The resource is: The world.

More worldly negativities in last year's post if you'd like to hear more.

Think this is enough for now. I don't want to douse my new hopes on simmering aggressions over unfair politics and social hierarchies.

I haven't booked any meditation retreats 2023, but the one I took last year really calmed me down for a while, so maybe I should. A good buddy's coming over for starters, and I'll be celebrating a belated little Christmas with my brother and his family in a couple weeks - that seems like a good enough way to start things.

I didn't catch the covid this Christmas - but I did catch a cold. It disrupted my last minute resolution accomplishment potential a bit. But oh well. Better next time. I have a sharp but somewhat perplexed mind. I mind my own business, and I'm pro Christmas, I know material temptation but I have bold wishes - far beyond this material realm.

Will I set sail with my visions? At bay on their helm.

Was a little disappointed and stressed last Christmas... same deal this year. But not as much. I'm at peace with the peril. With rest instead of do. With a different kind of celebration - a little more stripped back - a little more embellishment and recreation... I can live that.

The fireworks lit the sky again moments ago. We cheered in the New Year with some white Campo de Viejo, figs and too much chocolate, and I do feel hopeful. My big bro sent a little video message shouting in the New Year, my sister called, and we had a New Year lunch with relatives earlier.

It's been good. It's been a nice way to end this phase of days and kickstart something... better? It can't get better than today can it? Today's been good. What now.

I hope 2023 will be all this year wasn't, that I'll grow and I'll blossom, that I'll throw off precaution, and try dope/get some offspring.

Seriously the first three.

You can read my recent resolutions posts here.

Happy New Year!

May revise this and that a bit more tomorrow... I mean later today. I'm off and away.


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  1. biterr
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    You just flooded me with information. I got unaddicted from Youtube and other mainstream social medias before 3 months. My mind is clear. I also started meditating and doing sit-up's.
    "and try dope/get some offspring" if you sucesfully find a wife and make kids this year I will give ya acess to my NG account.

  2. S3C
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    LOL. 'Seriously the first three' may suggest that this line should be taken in just but with its literal meaning 'try heroin and make kids'. What an odd combination. Also Cyberdevil would have to find a women within the next 2-3 months to make the latter a reality

  3. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    @Biterr it is a boatload huh. XD One of these years I'd like to do a proper recap of the year too, it turns into more so last minute reflections on the state of the world; maybe sometimes also more notable personal events I remember...

    That's awesome! You're doing better than I am. And before the New Year actually kicked in no less - that's discipline!

    Alriiiight it's a challenge! To actually manage the offspring thing in a year too though... that might be a little irresponsible. XD

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Haha I mean 1) grow 2) blossom 3) throw off precaution! XD And ignore the 4/5. If I do by unexpected circumstance in line with #3 potentially try some dope though it'd best not be heroin!!!

    That'd make for a truly interesting year wouldn't it.

    Not probable but who knows, maybe interesting developments are just waiting around a corner somewhere...

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